Colonna Continua, 2020, 16mm / 35mm Loop + Slides, colour / b&w, 5 min


Colonna Continua (Continuos Column) is an endless 16mm loop composed of layers of 16mm found footage, 8mm home movies and 35mm collage slides - subsequently scanned on an Optical Printer. The Loop and Slides were first created for a live performance at Pix Film Gallery in Toronto. The film loop is accompanied by slides of colours, fragments of images, words that act as inter-titles, creating echoes between the film's continuous vertical movement and the stillness of the fixed slide.


The found sound is a poem written by Italian beat poet Massimo Mori in 1980, from a collection of poetry created between Italy and Quebec, Canada.


The project reflects the human need to fix events and memories in time and the liberating act of "letting go." 

Upcoming Exhibitions    |  2020

Pix Film Galler, Toronto - Canada